Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nate's First hair cut

I have been struggling for quite some time on when to cut my son's hair, part of me (the hippy part) wanted to just let his hair grow and then the other night right after his bath, he laid down on the kitchen floor and rolled his head around while I did the dishes, when he got up he had lots of dust and a few pieces of macaroni (ok, so I hadn't swept in a while..I know GROSS, but Nate took care of it for anyway, it was at that moment I realized I needed to chop his mop. So off to the bathroom we went where I grabbed Mark's clippers, turned them on, figured out how to use them...hehe...and sat Nate on my lap and here is the result....

No more long haired baby....I miss his long waves that he used to have, but what a difference just a few inches off has made in how people react to him and he doesn't end up all sweaty on the back of his neck anymore :). He looks so grown up to me now... I forget how fast the months and years go by.