Friday, March 27, 2009

This week

Has been interesting to say the daughter has been here for spring break, having her here is always bittersweet, it makes me so incredibly happy, but at the end of the week I know she goes back to her dad and it breaks a piece of my heart every time. She is a wonderful and super smart girl, I know every mom says that about their, here's a bit of fun we had today..

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some bloggy Love

Today is my dear friend The Rambler's day at SITS, so please head over to My Rambling Thoughts and say hello...she's awesome!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where am I? Who are you? How did you get here?

Sometimes that's what runs through my head in the morning when I look in the mirror....Am I slowly losing my mind (well, I think that's been established)....Some days though the questions follow me around begging me for answers and I tell them that I have none, I am just me, I got this point in my life, by a series of decisions and choices (the same thing?). Every now and then I can hear my grandma's voice, follow the right will I know I'm on the right path....because the right path is sometimes full of potholes? There are always going to be questions and I will almost always be trying to find answers, like this one...what is it about a death sentence that makes someone get a life sentence? Why is it that someone has to be dieing to start living? That one plagued me last night at 3:30 am, no idea where it came from..(welcome to a part of my brain).

So, I keep seeing these posts in bloggyland about Wordless Wednesday or Wordful Wednesday, maybe I'll just call it Wordy Wednesday (for some reason I think I can see TTMVM's brain turning that into Woody, people post a picture to let the pic do the talking, I am not able to do that so I'll just ramble and then post a picture....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Even Serial Killers Make Friends

Ain't the truth! A really good friend of mine said that to me today when I was complaining about something and it made me laugh so I figured I would share. Not sure if it's more funny or more Enjoy your day!

My education

I am beginning to see why people have an almost negative view of taking college courses online...While I am having quite a bit of success, I am finding that my instructors and fellow students are hard for me to relate too. I am all for everyone having different views and opinions, but I am not ok with using the school as a way to promote your "spiritual writings about how to cure gambling addictions", esepcially when it has nothing to with the course and I am not ok with having an instructor that can't form complete sentences or provide adequate feedback. I am paying a lot for an education where I am basically teaching myself.

I'm frustrated because in this learning environment it's all about communication and when there's a breakdown or failure to communicate properly it makes it hard for me to stay motivated. I know my attitude is really blah right this minute so maybe it's just a bad day.....

Friday, March 20, 2009

New/Old Ink

The outline was done back in November and I finally got started on the coloring process last weekend. Hopefully it will be complete by next weekend! If you missed the post about the significance of this particular tattoo please click here....



Change of heart

I have decided to open my blog up again, she has left me alone for a few days now and I have family that reads this so in order to make it more convenient I am open now.

Besides, if I live in fear than she wins right?! I will still have my comment moderator on, but I don't want to keep everyone out.

Thank you to my bloggyland friends for sending me virtual hugs and for being so supportive, it means alot to me.

Hope everyone has a great weekend :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Going Private

If you wish to still view my blog, please email me or send me a comment. I will contact my followers and send you an invite.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I have a Stalker

Defined by Wikipedia:

Stalking is a controversial pejorative term applied to the behaviour of individuals (and perhaps to bodies of persons) towards others. It relates to a pattern of repeated, unwanted attention, harassment, and contact. In many countries, stalking is classified as a criminal offence.

So we all know that out here in bloggyland it's easy to view everyone's stuff, it's like the domino effect, one follows one and another and another and so on. Well, I have gone to as many lengths as I possibly can to prevent this person from viewing my stuff and SHE still will not stop, so she is now classified as a stalker. Yes that's right, A SHE! and fyi some of my bloggy friends, she's now following you, JananaBee and My Little World, if you want to know who she is please email me and I will tell who so you can block her if you want.

Here's the deal, I met this girl in one of my online courses, she added me as a friend on Facebook and we chatted about school. Then one day our convo turned to our life experiences and things of that nature and I thought she was a pretty cool girl. She lives in another state, doesn't have a lot of friends, blah blah, we exchanged phone numbers, started texting and talking on the phone. I thought I had found a friend to connect with and then something happened. She became obsessive, if I didn't call her back or text her back right away she would send like 15 texts or call my phone 4-5 times, so I finally asked her to please stop doing that, she said she would. She didn't. So last week I finally told her to leave me alone, I didn't want to talk to her anymore. Again she apologized and said she wouldn't contact me. AND YET AGAIN she continued to call, text, email, follow and comment on my blogs, tried to talk to me on facebook, any time I gave any kind of attention to her it just made her do it more, so last night I had enough and deleted her and blocked her. Well, as you can see my blog is public and if you look at my FEEDJIT tracker she can still access me, by the way she's from MONMOUTH MAINE. So, in an effort to thwart her I am posting this blog to tell her if she doesn't stop I will take legal action and I will report her and I will tell the school about her behavior.

I have been stalked before, about 8 years ago when I lived in Las Vegas. This man, who still to this day haunts my brain, and now especially, made my life hell. He found out where I worked, he found out where my bf at the time worked, pretended to be a florist to find out my address and sent me flowers to my HOME, he showed up at my work one day after I switched jobs and I had him fired and you know what stinks, the cops in vegas wouldn't do anything about it.

I have enough anxiety issues and don't need the constant worry anymore if this chic is going to be following me around in cyberspace for the rest of my life. It stinks, she's in one of my classes this semester and I hate it! In all reality I'm also frightened. But I'm more pissed than anything. You would think that if you ask someone to leave you alone, they should comply. Most of all though I feel like an idiot for even thinking that I could be her friend. There were so many red flags, I just didn't listen to myself and then when I did follow my gut, it's now turned ugly.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Obsess Much? Me? Noooo

I lie, I'm obsessed with RP, I admit it (sorry Mark). I bought the Twilight Soundtrack last weekend and have been listening to it over and over and there's a song by Rob Pattinson called "Never Think", so I decided this morning I would search youtube for a video. Well I found a ton of RP videos of him singing and well, it has done nothing but fuel the for fun and for fellow obsessed RP is what I found..This one was done by fan, but the music is RP singing..