Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Cousin Ali's Wedding

I went back to Las Vegas a few days go to go to my cousin Ali's wedding, she was married Friday August 15th, to Josh Nilson at the Las Vegas LDS Temple. Josh's parents were nice enough to hold a family luncheon at the Olive Garden where we were able to spend time with the happy couple prior to the reception. The reception was tons of fun, I got to see ALL of my family for the first time in over a year and I learned that my cousins, James and Joe are about to open a bar/restaurant called The Bar (pretty original..hehe) its located off of St. Rose and Las Vegas Blvd. I also got to see my Uncle Drew, who is now a grandpa for the 3rd cousin Andrea now has a little boy, along with 2 little girls :). The best part was just being with everyone and feeling like I belonged there, I was a little afraid I would feel like an outsider without my grandma there and because so much time has passed, but that wasn't the case at all, which actually made my trip bittersweet. I miss my family so much, while I love Arizona, my heart is still with them in Vegas, its where I grew up and even though my home is with my boys and now Pudge, Vegas is my roots. Here are a few pics from my trip and the wedding...Congrats Ali and Josh!!!

A stop along the way...

Hoover Dam.....

Brittany and I

My cousin Daniel asleep at Olive Garden..

Brittany's son Jake

My Family :)

Josh and Ali Nilson

My Uncle Drew and Brittany

My cousins James and Joe