Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello 2009!

*Thanks for the award Sandy!!*
YAY it's a new year and I'm so optimistic! I love January 1st, it's the best day of the year especially if you start out on the right foot or the left depending on which you prefer :) I have to say that I'm very grateful right now for Sandy over at The Adams Family blog for introducing me to "Think Thin Thursdays" hosted by Bridgette at The Not So Blog-Blog I am so excited to get started and even better because now there's a support system! Too bad they don't live in my house to smack my hand or upside my head whenever I want to eat crap! Hahaha :) Anywho, I hope others will check it out and join up too :)
I am way behind on posting Christmas pictures so here are a few of the fun we had!

My little elf :)

My Uncle

Our Tree

Nate's Hot Wheels stocking stuffers

Nate holding my stocking stuffers..A Harley mug and my fave candy bar- Kit Kat :)

Nate opening his presents one handed..his football was his fave gift..haha

Nate's new favorite Toy! and Mine too! This toy is seriously one of the best learning toys I have seen yet! If you have a toddler that is very inquisitive this is the toy for them! :)
So I end todays post with a hopeful heart and extreme amount of excitement because Marylin and her little man will be here tomorrow!!! WOOHOOOOOOO! :) :) :)