Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My 2 Cents

I watched The Bachelor all season long, I watched him send some great girls packing and waited impatiently for the return of Deanna...only to have this season be the worst Bachelor season in the history of the show! Suuuuurrreeee Jason wasn't put up to this, right?! That would be a BIG FAT NO, I firmly believe that he was so put up to this and that ABC did it for ratings because of how lame the show is becoming. How many times you do a show about this girl or this boy "fallin in love" on TV with all these fantasy dates and high drama only to have what maybe 2 relationships actually work out of all the seasons! So what do they do they concoct this scheme with Mr. Ahole Mesnick and say you have to get engaged to Melissa if you want Molly. Oh and we're going to bring Deanna back at the end to throw some BS at you and clip it altogether to trick the unsuspecting viewers. I think it's really sad that ABC did what they did and even worse because Melissa looked like she really got hurt, but who knows at this point, I think everyone knew ahead of time. Molly says they're real people, not just actors I think that's complete BS too. Don't you know you get paid when you go on a "reality" show..hmmm sounds to me like you're acting then, the better you are the more likely you are to be kept around, The more money you make! I'm also really sick of ABC taking the "broken hearted" girl or guy and making them the NEXT bachelor/bachelorette, it's stupid. In my opinion everyone should boycott ABC an d not watch The Bachelorette in May. Make their ratings go down the tubes. Ok, I'm done with my rant....all I have left to say is I'm pissed that I wasted so much time watching the dumb show!