Monday, September 8, 2008

Thank You

To everyone who has kept me and my family in your thoughts and prayers I would like to say Thank You. I recently went back home to be with my family to get together to honor my mom and again my visit was bitter sweet. I am so incredibly grateful for the family that I have, they lift me up and show me more love than I thought possible. I would also like to say a special Thank You to my in-laws, the flowers and basket and especially the Card, it means alot to me knowing that I am loved and thought of by you.
Also to my best friend Marylin and my cousin Brittany, Thank You both for keeping my spirits high on Saturday night, hanging out with both of you makes me want to come home so we can get together every weekend :). I miss you both already so much.

The death of my mother has raised questions about life, my life and hers. I believe that every life has a purpose and that every life is meant to teach a lesson. I have often wondered what my life's purpose is, sadly I know the lesson to be taken from my moms. I meant for this blog to be more positive so I will stop here before I get gloomy again. On that note, Thank you Thank you Thank you again everyone for all that you've done and do for me and my family.