Thursday, October 30, 2008

3 Years (Almost 5) and still going strong..

Mark and I in the beginning
At a Monster Truck Show

At the now Planet Hollywood parking garage

October 29, 2005...our wedding day :)

May of 2006, on our HOneymoon in Cleveland, OH at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The title makes it sound like I'm talking about the Energizer Bunny, but I'm not, I'm talking about me and Mark! Yesterday was the anniversary of our wedding day, 3 years is really not as long as one might think when comparing to FOREVER, 3 years is just like sticking your pinky toe into the pool of wedded bliss, it's still the getting to know you years and the what the heck did I get myself into years (HIS thought not mine..hehe...if you ask him though he'll deny it I'm sure), it's also, for us, when some really HUGE LIFE CHANGING events take place, as if saying "I Do" isn't big enough. I guess we just needed some fun stories to tell our grandkids some day.

In the beginning, way back in December of 2003, we began the dating, or speed dating process actually, within months we were living together and engaged. He proposed to me during the Super Bowl while snuggled up on our friends couch, just before he went to California for 3 months. He came home every weekend and when he was finally done with the job there we were inseparable. That's the very short version of how we became a "we". There were trying times and fights with friends and mistrusts and ALOT of happy times and laughing and even a TON of cuddling, who knew a big scarey biker boy was a cuddler..hehe...

So let's flash foward to October 29, 2005...Wed had originally planned to have a wedding in April and a reception and all that fun stuff, but one night we just changed our minds and within a month we were on our way to gettin hitched at the Little Church of The West, surrounded by a few friends and mostly my family (his parents joined us via cell phone). We said our I Do's at 12:30 pm and from there embarked on quite the journey. It seems that he and I like to do alot of things in a very short amount of time.

6 months later we were pregnant, well I was pregnant and he just got to enjoy me getting fat and swollen and cranky and panicky and mommyish, I'm sure he was wondering where his sweet wife had gone to. So..ta..da..little Nate is born December 11, 2006...6 months later, we MOVE to AZ. Again with the fast moving of things...will we ever slow down..hehe...2.5 to 3 mmonths after we leave my home town, friends and family behind we get a HOUSE! I now officially feel like a grown up!

So here we are, one year and 3.5 months after the move into our house and I'm still not all the way organized (for those that have known me for any length of time organization is just not my forte), but I have learned alot from my husband and I'm hoping I've taught him a thing or two and while it's only been 3 years (some days I'm sure it feels like 3 million..again, his thought not mine..) I have enjoyed every minute of it, even when some of those minutes were full of sorrow or anger or annoyance. We chose each other for better or worse and I'm pretty lucky to have him. There is no one else on this EARTH that would put up with me, of that I am sure.

So, thank you Mark for being the best dad to Nate, the best step-dad to Elissa and the greatest husband to me! I love you! :)