Monday, October 13, 2008

New Stuff and advice needed!

So as it turns out, I do just have allergies, which actually really stinks, because that means they don't go away like a cold would have! Oh well, thats what I get for moving out to the middle of a dirt pile called the desert! So a few new milestones have been occuring in Nate's little life, he is learning how to use the potty!He is so funny, he has to get completely naked most of the time to use it! I haven't put him in pull ups yet, we're still working on getting him to tell us when he has to go, he does about 40% of the time. Another milestone is his use of words, he still has lots of baby babble, however he is using more and more new words almost everyday, which for me is a little scarey because I now have to seriously sensor myself, which is a good thing since I don't need to be using cuss words anyway. He loves to talk on the phone, and he thinks that every person that I talk to on the phone is daddy! He will walk up and try to grab the phone from me and say Hi Daddy! the whole time I'm talking..its quite hilarious.. He has also learned how to count to 3, when I change his clothes or get ready to pick him up or if he's walking down stairs or up the stairs, he counts every time, sometimes he forgets to say one and other times he'll say three two, but everytime he does I feel a swell of pride in my heart and I get so excited about his little brain absorbing little sponge!

So now for advice, has anyone out there ever done a yard sale? Mark and I are going to do one in a few weeks and I don't think either one of us has ever done one, I helped my grandma do one but all I did was set up and tear down I didn't deal with money or any advice is welcomed in regards to how to do one, the best way to price things and how much cash should we keep on hand since we live in BFE, remember big pile of dirt, middle of desert..hehe :) It's not very easy for us to get to an ATM machine! I will thank you in advance for any helpful tips!