Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy 35th Birthday Mark!!

Today is my darling husband's 35th birthday :), we are going to celebrate tomorrow because he is working tonight. So in honor of you my dear here are 35 reasons why I love you and what makes you so special to your family....

35. You are a natural handy man

34. You let me watch my girly movies over and over without complaint :)

33. You don't complain when I'm messy

32. You help me with the dishes

31. You sometimes get my jokes :)

30. You are extremely smart (which is sometimes intimidating :p)

29. You know how to push my buttons (not sure how good that is..hehe)

28. You try really hard to put me in a good mood when I'm down

27. You stay close even when I push you away..

26. You don't fight dirty with me (even if you really want too)

25. You REALLY are quite funny (even though I pretend you're not)..hehe..

24. You are gorgeous just the way you are

23. You love coffee with me (or at least you pretend to)

22. You know how to take care of Pudge way better than I do (and I am so grateful for that)

21. You cook!!!

20. You taught me to cook!!

19. You like my family

18. You like to play video games with me

17. And make fun of me when I lose at the video games..haha..

16. You help me when I ask for it, as best you can :)

15. You let me be stubborn (even though I know it drives you nuts)

14. You are so cute when you look at the Hotwheels, it drives me crazy but I love watching you

13. You understand when I need time to myself

12. I love watching Football with you and seeing you get mad when your team that you wanted to win is losing...I secretly laugh inside cause its so cute :)

11. You take Nate outside when I can't stand the heat

10. You do your best to make sure I know I am pretty to you still

9. You are a good son to your mom and dad (no arguing Mom and Dad Bush!) hehe

8. You are a good Uncle and Brother (no arguing Char!) hehe

7. You are a really good husband

6. You are a hard worker and I thoroughly admire you for that

5. Did I mention that You REALLY ARE funny (I figure since I tell you you're not I had to admit it twice that you are )

4. You love me for me and don't try to change me

3. You treat me with respect and love

2. You are a wonderful DAD

1. I love you for you and all your great qualities as well as all your flaws, since it's your birthday I won't mention those :)

Thanks to Mom and Dad Bush for creating such a wonderful man and instilling in him great morals and values. I love you again babe, Happy Birthday!!