Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Sunny Saturday

It's 85 degrees today. It's a beautiful day outside. I did some shopping, found my boy some shoes and of course as I was leaving a pair just suddenly jumped out and started calling my name (yes, in my world shoes talk to me) I bought them...very cute wedge flip flops at Kohl's. I am in a better mood today than I was for my last post :). I am currently in the process of figuring out Twitter and I am also co-authoring with Young Momma from Perfect Pen over at Anxiety Ridden Mania. We need some friends so head on over and check us out! Our blog is mainly a support blog and a kind of vent blog, we both have "issues" so if you'd like to subscribe to us that would be great :).

I am also planning on getting a bloggy face lift, I have fallen in love with April @, she does some awesome work so please go check her out, some of her work can be seen on her blog, or The Rambler, or The Adams Family. And once I finally determine a budget hopefully MINE!

I will be doing another give-a-way for the SITS Spring Fling so make sure you come back next saturday to enter to win some of my fabulous chocolate chip cookies anda purse (slightly used, but in excellent condition). **If you don't happen to like chocolate chip cookies I am willing to make your favorite, I am a fabulous baker if I do say so myself!** In honor of give-a-ways, make sure you go over and see Jananabee, and The Scattered Mind of a tattooed MInivan Mom, they are all doing some great give-a-ways!! :)

Hope you are all having a Sunny Saturday!!

***Some random pics***
Tankers smile :)

He's ready for his bike!

I just love this pic...