Sunday, November 16, 2008

Peer Pressure!!! Or maybe it's just the bookworm in me :)

After a late night phone call from a very dear friend of mine YELLING at me to "GO BUY TWILIGHT, YOU'LL LOVE IT!" I finally succumbed to the peer pressure and bought it today. My inner bookworm has been craving something new anyway, and since I have been into Vampires lately, thanks to a show on HBO called True Blood, I figured why not? Also I have to say that my curiosity has been peaked ever since Tia over at CGGB (Clever Girl Goes Blog) did a post about it and then put a video of one of the songs from the soundtrack up too, I was pretty much sold! *Side note, if you haven't checked out CGGB please do, you won't be sorry, Tia is a great writer and makes me laugh on a daily basis!*

So tonight I will dive into the world of Twilight :) Expect a full review once I'm done, I love passing on good books! :)