Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Fun!

Today was family day for us Bush's, we decided to check out the Tucson Zoo, which up until about 3 days ago I had no idea even existed! So off we go bright and early to show Nate real live animals, all he's seen are dogs and cats and birds :). Now I must say that the website for the zoo is somewhat misleading, it makes it look like the zoo is really big and will take 2+ hours to see everything, soooo not the case! Even though it was small we all had a great time, Nate especially. I really did enjoy myself until I saw the Lion, when I saw this animal I almost cried, it reminded me of the lion from The Last Unicorn, the one in the traveling circus, Mommy Fortuna's traveling circus (I think is what it was called?), anyway the poor thing is literally skin and bones, not an ounce of meat on it's body ANYWHERE, it makes me sad and angry to think about it, needless to say we didn't linger long at that exhibit. My favorite animals there were the giraffes and elephants, they were most active and really neat to watch, one of the elephants was doing some sort of little dance all by himself :). Nate's favorites were ALL of them, he was so fun to watch, he just laughed every time he saw a new animal and asked very eagerly, "what's THAT?" every couple of feet :). The zoo only took about an hour to see and I am sure we will go back one day soon, just so I can watch Nate's face light up, that was the best part!