Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bye Bye 20's...

Today is my official last day as a 20-something.....WAHHHHHH....This thought occured to me while I was driving today, the feeling of holy cow I have to grow up now because HELLO I'm going to be THIRTY 3-0 tomorrow! I can't believe how fast time flies....I mean seriously I feel like I just barely graduated High School and now I'm realizing that with my gray hairs, my achey bones when its rainy, my inability to eat a whole medium pizza to myself and not gain weight are all indicators that I am no longer in my care-free youth. Did I spend my time wisely? I really learned ALOT on my journey to 30, enough to last the next 30 years that's for sure! I wrote a blog on my myspace a few months ago and it still applies to how I'm feeling right this moment so I will share with you what I wrote :)...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So I'm turning 30 this year, I'm not alone in this some of my best friends are already 30 or are turning the BIG 30 before me, I have been thinking about this magic number recently and its causing me to start reflecting on my life and ask alot of questions. There are milestones in everyones life, turning 10 you're officially into the double digit age, turning 13 you're officially ateenager, turning 15 getting your learners permit and 16 getting a drivers license (if you're lucky) and then 18 you're a so-called "adult" and then 21 you can finally have a drink of alcohol legally, although most people I know started that way before the legal age..lol..and now the glorious age of 30, where now maybe you'll get taken a bit more seriously because you're no longer a twenty-something.

For the last few years I have had this sense of dread about turning 30, its halfway to 60, I'm starting to get wrinkles, I have a few gray hairs (no matter how many times I dye it they keep COMING back!), my boobs are not where they used to be, not they are at my knees or anything, they just aren't at the perky 18/19/20 year old stage anymore (so I will be getting a BOOB job!), I have a little extra baggage around the hips and butt and thighs and arms and face and well everywhere! I am ok with my flaws, well some of them, the ones I'm not ok with I am working on fixing, however,as much as this process can be daunting getting older is actually kind of fun some days, I look at the new generation and think back to the age of 15 and realize that I think we had it alot easier than the kids do now.

I used to wish all the time that I could go back, maybe do things differently, well somethings anyway, but now I am content to just look at today and try really hard not to worry about tomorrow or 30 years from now, there's a part of me that wonders what I'll be like, I can only hope that I'll still be me only wiser. It's kind of a strange feeling knowing that yes I will always have things to learn, but the milestones of life now belong to my children, I now get to watch my daughter reach her double digits next year and well Nate is still just LEARNING everything, everyday so I have that to look forward to, but as for me growing as a person, it feels like all I get to do is become one more year older and thats it.

Like I said though I know that there are still many lessons to be learned and many mistakes to be made, I just hope they are really small :).
So, the things I have learned on my journey to 30....

1. Keep your friends close no matter what, one day they may be all you've got.
2. Know your priorities and keep them straight.
3. Forgiveness...learn it..live it...love it...Forgetting, well just know that no one does unless they have alzheimers, so what you do to people and what they do to you will remain..
4. Love, still trying to figure this out, I thought I knew about a million times but somehow my "ideas" about it keep on changing...so I keep on learning
5. People will always disappoint you, its a fact of life.
6. Trust is earned and not given
7. Time heals ALL wounds, as long as you let it, if you keep picking and picking and picking you'll continue to bleed..so let it heal.
8. Faith, gotta have it even if you don't believe sometimes it just sneaks up on you..
9. Integrity, I never knew what it meant until now, its something I want to continue to have and never let go of.
10. Laughter can cure any ailment, seriously.... :)

So thats my top ten lessons for now, I'm sure I'll add more. Thanks for reading and I hope for you a wonderful journey through life, full of love and laughs and mistakes and lessons....