Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Home again

This is Tank....8 weeks old and 14..probably 15 pounds now :)

Going to Las Vegas is always a bit hard for me, this trip was no exception. Mark kind of forced me to go, I'm glad he did. I needed to see my family and spend time with them. I stayed at my Aunt's house and even though it was only for a short time I am so grateful to her for opening her home to me. I made it into town on Friday and that afternoon went to the Hilton where I used to work and saw some of my friends, that evening I went to dinner with my aunt and cousins, we ate at my other cousin's Bar-Restaurant called The Bar :). The food was phenomenal! Seriously though I am so proud of my family, my aunt is a teacher, my uncle steve owns Las Vegas Rock, my aunt and her husband own Brady Landscaping, James and Joe co-own The Bar, Brit is a stay at home mom/pilates GURU! Everyone has their own accomplishments and talents and I just feel so in awe of them, sometimes it's fun to take a step back and go wow, that's the family I belong too!

Saturday was an interesting day for me, I woke up early and went to see my step dad to pick up some of my mom's stuff....he ended up giving me her ashes..ALL of them and so now my mom is sitting on my shelf and it's weird and sad and I miss her....I talk to the box, I know where to take her, but there's a part of me that almost doesn't want too, this is the longest I have spent with her since I was 12...

After picking up her things and her, I met my cousin Brit for a movie, we saw Bride Wars and laughed and cried at all the same parts and had a great time! She always brightens me up. I went to the mall after for some shoes because while I was there it decided to storm REALLY bad and my shoes that I was wearing got ruined. I was in a funk though for the rest of the day, I ended up having to donate a lot of the stuff that I picked up because it wouldn't all fit in my truck and that was extremely hard, even though it was just "stuff".

Sunday I picked up Tank and drove home, only it was somewhat of an adventure and not in a fun way! See the storm that happened in Vegas, followed me home....almost the whole way, at one point I was driving down this curvy road and COULD NOT SEE anything in front of me until I was like 5 feet behind it! I don't recommend that. Sunday night was fun, Tank cried when we tried to get him to sleep, but he did really well meeting Pudge or maybe I should say Pudge did really well when she met him :0).

They're great friends!

Tank likes Pudge's set up much better than his