Friday, February 13, 2009

Lucky Day

For whatever reason I have always found some luck on Friday the 13th's, this one has been ummm....well not unlucky, just a little on the blah side. I mean I suppose you could say it has been a good day, I found some super cute glow in the dark pj's for Nate at the carter's Store for 4 bucks and I found Mark's Valentine's Day present was reasonably priced too, so I mean I'm getting some "luck" with shopping deals.

I guess I'm just peeved because I went and bragged to my therapist about how I'm getting straight A's in my classes and then I find out today that I was docked 2 points because apparently I forgot to leave one stinkin comment on something and now my "perfect" grade is slightly marred and I know it shouldn't matter because in terms of a grade it's still an A it's just not a 100%, it's a 99.44%! I was never a perfectionist in school before now, it's like I'm ocd about it now, I have to have a perfect grade or I feel like I'm stupid or something?! WTF is wrong with me? BLAH!!!!

Thanks for letting me vent! I feel better now. Oh yea, tomorrow is Valentine's Day in case you didn't know, so go out and get something for someone you like or love and let them know you care. I am a horrible wife I told Mark not to get me anything, but then I changed my mind...poor guy I must confuse him so much! ANyway, this is my 99th post, which means the next one is the BIG 100!! So, I will do a give-a-way as promised :). Hope everyone enjoys their weekend and stay tuned til tomorrow when I reveal what I'm giving away.....mwaaaaahhhaaaahhhaaahaaa(insert devilish sounding laugh)....and I'm lame!

Happy Lucky Friday the 13th!!