Saturday, February 21, 2009

And the WINNERS are......

Oh you mean I didn't tell you there would be more than one? Well there is....and they are.....
DRUM ROLL PLEASE (and Dj Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince just rolled through my head...)...

First Place is...............The Young Momma @ Perfect Pen!

Second Place is...........Sandy @ The Adams Family!

Third Place is..............The Tattooed Minivan Mom @ Scattered Mind of a Tattooed Minivan Mom!

If you're wondering to yourself why there are more than one well it's because I said so, it's my contest I can do what I want and if I think everyone, I mean 3, should win then that's t hat! Ok, how did I get these 3 lovely ladies, well I went to Random.Org and I typed in the list of entries and hit randomize, and these 3 were the top!

Thanks to everyone for entering and for showing me some love for my first 100 posts! I kinda like this whole giving thing, maybe I'll start doing just random give-a-ways for no reason...hmm stay tuned for more on that! :) Oh yea did you know you can watch Twilight on your PC for free?? I learned this tid bit of info last night and am now addicted to!

For all of you who entered please email me your address so I can snail mail you something just for stopping by and for the winners please tell me your favorite Bath and Bodyworks Scents and Young Momma I need to know your favorite Yankee Candle Scent and where you'd like your $25 GIftCard from! Thanks again everyone! Now go stop by all the other blogs on my blogroll, there are some super dooper give-a-ways going on, apparently a bunch of milestones are happening this week/weekend!!

Email info to: